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Important Dates


Businesses need to have W-9's submitted to Commonwealth Tax NO LATER than January 13, 2023. 1099's need to be mailed to recipients no later than January 31st.


Businesses need to provide information NO LATER than January, 13 2023. 

W-2's need to be mailed to employees no later than January 31st.

Partnership Tax Returns -  Form 1065 
S Corporation Tax Returns - Form 1120S

March 15 Deadline

September 15 Extension Deadline

Personal Tax Returns - Form 1040
Trust Tax Returns - Form 1041
C Corporation Tax Returns - Form 1120

April 18 Deadline

October 15 Extension Deadline

Non Profit Tax Returns Form 990

May 15 Deadline

November 15 Extension Deadline

Commonwealth Tax - Early Bird Discount (-$25)

February 18 Deadline

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